in the store that is. Very exciting, as I am usually next to my pieces working with my clients, it is so exciting to know that someone out there is still interested in my products! I had quite a spout of energy when I found out, running around the house, jumping on the bed, etc. I hope that every sale will feel this exciting to me.

I finally had time to complete the other three babydolls that were lying cut out in piles, among sewing a few shirts for friends, a dress for a lovely lady and a cocktail dress for myself....more to come on that one!


I had time & enough pink silk & trims leftover to make a babydoll & brief to donate to the Tahoe Pink Foundation, a fundraiser for local breast cancer care. I grew up in Tahoe, so anything I can do to support the local community is important to me. This set below will be on a silent auction on the 26th of this month I believe. Email me if you'd like to know where!

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