I had the pleasure of viewing this exhibition whilst in London this past September, it was on the amazing textiles & designs of the vintage 40's & 50's label - Horrockses. It was truly fantastic, my favorite piece is the lobster print skirt (I need one, yes) & my favorite part was viewing the fashion sketches - we call these Croquis - of the designs with the swatches on fabrics & ideas for prints alongside. I could take everyone of these dresses home, but more importantly, every one of the swimsuits with matching jackets! Thanks to my ever so lovely friend Brooke for finding this for us! xx.L





I'm stealing these items because this is yet another new favorite color combination. Think 60's barbie meets lampshade meets a little kitch and a little cheek. Matte side out, silky side in. Love love love. xx.L



Don't ever let anyone try to tell or convince you that you are any less of a person than you know you are. Instead tell the ones that are important to you, who respect & treat you fully with kindness, how much you appreciate them. Anyone else who doesn't belong in that category can get bent! (Simply speaking). xx.L



Are on there way, in this amazing color combination of my dreams! I've been working like a crazy lady, sewing, steaming, dreaming, working on spreadsheets & all of that business gunk that you wish you could pay someone to do for you, cleaning, cooking, designing & the list goes on and on and on. I am most excited to show you lovely readers what I have up my sleeve, but until I get my new labels designed & produced, all I can share are little sneaky peeks! xx.L



Because I can't join all of my friends this weekend at The Rhythm Rocker Weekender in Long Beach, I'm having a little dance party of my own while I have been a worker bee in my sewing cave! 40 pairs of briefs await their new future but I have to remind myself to get up, step away and wiggle abit around my studio. Shake it up with me! xx.L



I go through this every couple of months or so - when my actual to-do list starts to get abit too long to handle & my inspiration to-do list gets shoved aside. There are curses that most creative people have when you need to let yourself take a break, step away from the sewing machine & the fabric scissors (in my case), step away from the re-design of the website, backup the last photos from the most recent photo shoot, etc. to breathe and re-group a little, take some personal time, spend extra time with the people that are most important to you, take extra-long bubble baths, go for long walks as the leaves are starting to fall, maybe even visit Paris or your family's beach house....and voila. One day you just wake up & for some unknown reason or another are bouncing with ideas in your head, your fingers are twitching to get started on a new project, visions of great things are basically running races past your eyes. Blessing right? Well, for me yes but not so much. Those inspirations become a total over-whelming & exciting time for me but my downfall is the fact that my daily life still continues....so while there is so much that I am ready to get back to: new sketches drawn, fabric in piles of combinations with trims & bows, patterns made for new garments (yes, I actually sat down and made new damn patterns- must be sick right?...if anyone really knows me they know I am a draper, not a pattern maker), website ideas as well as store research & service guidelines for shop girls after my wonderful holiday, this over-whelming surge of creative energy leaves me stuck standing still like my feet are glued to the floor with bubblegum. I decided when I took a deep breath that I needed to organize a little bit, possibly make a timeline, re-do my goals for the next 3 months...and most importantly, I signed up for 4 business classes today. Can't check those off the list yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to put the foundations beneath me so I can get back to the fun stuff! Making knickers! xx.L