There is a particular photo of Jean Harlow that comes to mind when I look at this picture of ivory layers on the left. As a 1930's movie star, she is pictured laying in a white silk slip, atop a white silk bed in a white room with white curtains & hair as white as the rest. The photo screams glamour. Ivory screams glamour. Not many would choose to wear this piece unless it was their wedding, but I think you may want to consider a change of heart. Ivory lingerie is the most respected in my opinion and takes someone with real confidence to wear as it will leave nothing to the imagination except a frothy layer of creamy delight.
This is also the season for the Bridal collections to be making an appearance. If you are anything like myself, I would be much more concerned with my Bridal lingerie as opposed to the actual bridal dress! Above all, the ultimate glamour goddess wouldn't do with anything less than the finest silk chiffon, charmeuse, & lace. So without further ado, I am giving you a sneaky peek into one of the most dreamy combinations, the little clump (if you will) of sheer ivory heaven.



I have this theory for this year & that theory is, "if you build it, they will come". Meaning that I do plan to someday, hopefully in the next year or so, open up my own showroom/studio area downtown in Union Square. Exact location I have my eyes on, but I won't mention it here because I don't want to lose it to sneaks! But anyways, in order for me to open my own showroom, a lot will need to happen but most importantly I will need an inventory to put into that showroom. Hence the newest project - The Briefs Project.
I have decided to just keep making garments in all of my spare time, that way I can start building an inventory of pieces & maybe, just maybe when that inventory is complete, my dreams of having my particular dream showroom may just happen. And as a side note, would be much less stressful if I had an inventory I could just hang up & put it all up for sale. So  for now ladies, I have three styles of briefs I have made. All in S, M & L. And my oh my! Goodie goodie gum drops. 

There are three color options: 

Cream georgette with a cream charmeuse panel in front, lace decoration trim & a mustard yellow bow. 

Lilac georgette double paneled in the front, single paneled in the back with cream lace decoration trim & mango bow.

Mint georgette with mint charmeuse panel in front, cream lace decoration trim & cream bow.


Are you ready for valentines day? Sometimes all you need is a new pair of briefs. Would coral georgette with lace trim do the trick? Double paneled for solid factor in the front, single paneled for sheer factor in the back, strawberry shortcake could be all that you need.

if you'd like to reserve a pair for yourself, email me!



Three things I believe I wear almost every day.

"Leopard-skin stiletto sandals...They are the Eartha Kitt of footwear. So sexy they growl. They probably sneak out when I'm at work and lie on the sofa drinking Campari and listening to Peggy Lee."
-Maggie Alderson


the old world of fetish. Some things never change!


This time around, I am focusing on sheer chiffon, monotones & delicacy.


"If we wrap an object in some kind of envelope, so that the eyes infer rather than see the object that is enclosed, the inferred or imagined form is likely to be more perfect than it would appear if it were uncovered. Thus a square box covered with brown paper will be imagined as a perfect square. Unless the mind is give some very strong clues it is unlikely to visualize holes, dents, cracks or other accidental qualities. In the same way, if we cast a drapery over a thigh, a leg, an arm or a breast, the imagination supposes a perfectly formed member; it usually cannot envisage the irregularities and the imperfections which experience should lead us to expect. The art, if one may thus describe it, of the stripper consists in always being about the reveal all; she pursues nudity as Achilles pursued the tortoise, never quite achieving it; the visible charms of her person always being enhanced by those which are yet to be revealed. And this is true also of dress: it heightens the sexual imagination partly by revealing the body but partly by judicious discretion. "
- Quentin Bell

The Art of Dress. Sigh. I wish more took this seriously. Fashion is so wonderful in that it is always changing, trends are new every six months. Unfortunately for some, like me & others with severe hour-glass figures, we have to stick to what we know & how to dress our bodies! Trends cannot be followed as closely as others, instead only hinted at- which is fine for me I suppose, because I have a very distinct style anyways.

We are all imperfect & perfect at the same time. And as Mr. Bell mentioned above, if you dress your figure the correct way, then the world will perceive you has having a perfect figure (whatever your shape may be), cellulite and all. And trust me, after working in the lingerie industry - everyone has some somewhere!! Accentuating your assets (and I don't mean showing skin & putting everything on display) but more so by having clothing that fits you well, and concealing your more "womanly" assets is the key.


Dressing tables, in my mind are so important. It is a place to compose, create & rejuvenate. Creating your own vanity can be so quick & easy! Its a little spot you can call all your own, for me, mine makes me smile.


"there are those women who, observing how men's eyes instinctively slide down over the curve of a breast or up the smooth slope of a calf, hang their fortunes on the very feature that sets them apart from men: their femininity...."

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. After thinking about this quite often, and more so in figuring out my company's main beliefs & meaning, I realized that I understood this woman quite well. And I don't mean the women who said this quote, I mean the woman she is speaking of: "those women who". There is a sort of power & magnetism that some women have while others haven't quite figured it out - and may never! They understand that they have what someone else may want, what someone else wants to be near, and what someone else finds to be amazing. Femininity is such a strong & powerful thing that I think most women haven't learned how to harness on their own.

In my opinion, superficially it starts with lingerie. I believe that lingerie, however you choose to wear it, works as hidden magic that only you know about, unless of course the wind decides to blow & some passer-by got a quick glance of the top of a stocking & garter.


I think that blogs are a nice way to meet people, see how they live life & hear what they think. As a designer, I always love to see how different people work, what they surround themselves with & why. This is a little peak into one of my worlds, a space that once I sit down at, I never know where I will end up going. I find inspiration in these boards everyday, and always find something new & different to admire while still finding comfort in their stillness. Some designers work from architecture, landscapes, color or shape. What I have realized is that I am constantly inspired by people, their faces, their outfits, the shot that the camera captured when the photo was taken, that moment when you feel like you can imagine their whole life story in just looking at their eyes. For me, that will never change - I love to create a character. These photos above are a collection of people I know from my life & people I know from finding them somewhere in this world- antique stores, closets, street corners, inside of old books, etc. Funny enough, I love those that I don't know just as much as the ones I love in my family.