If you should find yourself strolling along Haight Street, and should happen to walk into Relic Vintage, you can find my new collection in my little corner wardrobe! If you ever wanted to see it in person, touch the fabrics with your own two hands and try them all on for a twirl and a wiggle, they are all there for you to see! I'm really having a hard time letting that mustard yellow babydoll go, the one that started it all! Get to it first before I change my mind! xx.L



Bringing you some seriously drool-worthy fabrics trimmed with laces that could bring you to your knees, we have finally gone live in the online shop! Everything as you know if you have read this blog for a while, has been made with care & an incredible amount of patience, love and always heaps of giggles. Inspired from past times in history, my personal favorite lines for lingerie & some from my dreams, I hope someday you are able to pick up something to wiggle around your house in. Don't you dare forget to pair with your best bedroom stiletto. Light me up, turn me on! xx.L



I am thrilled to be able to announce that I have a fabulous, beyond fabulous in all of its simplicity, brand new website! Which also means, my dear readers, that you can now finally view the Light me up, Turn me on Collection! I now have the final duties of listing everything in my Etsy shop as well as hang & tag many of these items in my little corner of Relic Vintage. I have to say a big thank you to my web designer, Monika Cancilla who did such an amazing job & was great to work with- without, this could not be possible.

Check it out! And I will hopefully have these items available in my shop by the end of this week! Snag up what you really love quickly as most I only made one of each! xx.L




LIGHT ME UP, TURN ME ON from Lola Devlin on Vimeo.

It is absolutely amazing to see a dream come to life, and it is almost strange for me to watch the video because it is exactly as I had imagined it in my head. I owe it all to my incredible production team - Carson Bell (Production), Ms. X (Model), Mr. Oran Scott (Actor), I couldn't do it without you! I hope you all enjoy! xx.L