This is a topic that I have wanted to talk about for a while not only because it will forever be a curiosity to me but a constant reminder in my daily life, and after having to deal with a day like today, I thought maybe now is the time to bring it up. There are so many types of consumers in this world. There is the sophisticated type of consumer (in my opinion) - these are the few that purchase items every year or so, buying quality over quantity, purchasing pieces that they feel & look amazing in regardless of price, support designers that practice the art of their craft (smaller vs. massive made in china producers)...etc. These are the types of shoppers that I can relate to the most. Being in an industry that moves so quickly, I myself appreciate spending my money where I know it counts. Opting to purchase a pair of trousers or knickers that are priced at the quality of the materials as well as the craftsmanship over something cheaper because I know that first off they will : last me longer if I care for them correctly, maintain their credibility through the span of time & mostly because I am a fabric snob at this point & cannot be bothered with anything super cheap that feels like I am wearing cardboard. When it comes to knickers or lingerie I have the strongest opinion on the matter - why wouldn't you want your knickers to be the most luxurious things you own? They are closest to your skin, you have to wear them everyday, all day... it is the best gift you can purchase for yourself (or someone can purchase for you), the list goes on and on, but you get the drift? Another rule for the day: You should always spend more money on the quality items you use everyday.

Then there is the type of consumer who likes the fast fashion, which I don't mind at all! They keep the economy moving & shaking! The consumer who I will never understand or agree with is this odd, generation-spanned faux-luxury type of person who thinks that because they are wearing something designer...this makes them luxurious. Just because you carry a designer handbag or wear a designer sunglass does not mean that you understand anything more than labeling a brand on yourself. They probably haven't a clue that everything they are wearing was made in china & that they over-paid  99% on the item...but hey, those luxury CEO's love these ladies! My shocking encounter was with one of these woman today in my shop. This woman left me a bit shook up, confused & really just... I could go on but you get the drift.

Beautiful lady, hair done, nails done, gemstones sparking at the ears & around the neck, carrying an Hermes Birkin bag. She walked through the doors like she owned the place & straight to our gorgeous silk pajamas - which have recently been redone into gorgeous new fabric, new cut on the waist, etc. Basically, they are breathtaking. Her first words out of her mouth back at me were not a friendly hello, or even a slight smile. Instead she knocked the pajamas down from their hanger & said "these are much too expensive for me"... which they really are not & after knowing how much that Birkin bag cost her, I was a bit surprised by her remark. She then informed me that she was not into lingerie & would not be ever but had a gift to use up in the store & could not be bothered to pick out something for herself (I'm thinking, poor fellow bought you a nice gift & this is how its going to go down?!). After showing her around, showing her fun knicker options at the least, she fell frustrated, threw her coat onto the counter, making sure her "Chanel" label was prominently displayed & opted to try the pajamas on, to which I happily helped her. In the middle of the fitting, she stopped, threw her arms up in the air & exclaimed in question how would she possibly clean these. "Do I have to dry clean these every fu***** week? I mean, who in the world has time for that, I'm a working girl much aside from the fact that this shop is ridiculous & why do people bother wearing such ridiculous things in the first place." She went on & I watched her, calmly, almost like watching a child going through a temper tantrum.

When she was done, my response, "these pajamas are surely the most luxurious item here in this store as well as most luxurious item you could ever possibly own. The silk charmeuse these are made of is of the finest quality possible & the cut of the pattern has been years in the making. You can either decide to treat yourself to a bit of glamour because you love these pajamas & you love the way you feel in them as well as the way they make you look. Take the time to take care for them. Unless you feel like you actually would care for them correctly or love the pajamas because of their beauty, then you are not worthy & you do not deserve to own them." I then took the top out of her hands, placed it alongside the matching pant on the cream padded hanger & walked out of the dressing room, closing the curtains behind me.

Ten minutes later, she came out & asked to buy the pajamas. xx.L



The best part of living near Japan town is not only the amazing amount of dolled-up Geisha's (seriously, kimonos, obi belts, ect.) walking in groups on sunday mornings, but its the amount of cherry blossom trees that exist in every nook & cranny. Absolutely breathtaking when you least expect it, even on a cloudy day. xx.L



At home, hanging out on a friday night, recovering for a terrible cold still... dove into an adorable little book that my shop received in the mail a while back, mostly because it featured us in the credits but I snagged it anyways because I am a bit obsessive over my growing collection of lingerie/boudoir/undergarment research & history (currently need new larger bookshelf). Its called "Underneath It All" by Jennifer Manuel Carroll & Kathy Schultz. I found it to be adorable, quite a good read for someone who is slightly new to the lingerie world as it does go over some pretty basic info. I would appreciate reading it if I was looking to learn abit more about what would be best for me prior to going to a boutique & spending heaps of hours (and dollars). The best part, for me was so cute & funny that I thought I would share - the book has this fun little quiz to see what type of lingerie person you are in all regards of life & mine was quite amusing since every line they say about me in particular, happens to be my MANTRA as well as slight basis of my company... shoot you would have thought they interviewed me for this type of person! Apparently I am "Sophisticated/Chic" with a bit of "Seductress", and I, "lovely lady, need to wear things that make you feel beautiful. Nothing is off-limits for you, with the exception of "adult store" lingerie - and anything cheap or not luxurious. Some elegant recommendations include: Bra & knicker sets that match perfectly. Lace in all colors and patterns. Designer prints, logo prints and colors. Chemises and gowns, to sleep in. Silk or satin pajamas. Long dressing gowns or kimono style robes to wrap yourself in morning or night. High heels. Very high. "  (check, check, check, check, check, check...and check). They also note that I should always "buy two pairs of matching knickers per set & that I hang all my sleepwear on padded hangers in the closet." (check & check).  Ladies - if I haven't welcomed you before, welcome to the Lola D Mantra! More guidelines from myself will be coming soon! xx.L


Nobody can deny the slight sense of relief when a rainy day comes & you just happen to have a day off, excuses to do nothing really but what you want - either lay on the couch watching sappy black & white movies or sitting quietly over a bundle of lace & chiffon. Or at least, that is what I would be doing on those days, my favorite, or so I thought. Until the other day, it was gorgeous here in SF. The kind of gorgeous that you walk out in sandals & shorts, hot enough to enjoy the sun & breezy enough to remember where you are. The man & I walked over to the Boulange to get something yummy as well as something naughty to eat & made our way to our park, where we sat for hours only to come home to a house with all the windows open, sun gleaming through (never happens for us in winter as we live on the shady side of the street) & the option to do really, whatever you want! But unlike my beloved rainy days & the bundled up feeling you get from being in the studio, instead of sitting doing nothing, I found that I quite enjoyed a little afternoon sewing, didn't mind the breeze so much as it scattered the lace bits & swayed the chiffon abit around the table. In fact what it helped me to come up with, I think you may quite like :). So I am replacing my favorite rainy days with hope for more days like these because they really just make you fall in love with your life all over again. And that, I think, is the best type of romance to be living. xx.L



After an amazingly fun evening of dancing at the 23 club last night, I am retiring myself & my feet to the sewing machine today! Breaking in a new pair of spring-o-lator heels hasn't proven to be too difficult, danced the night away, smiles all around... xx.L


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"A bombshell is full of contradictions. She is a combustible blend of confidence and vulnerability. Sauce & naivete. She wears high heels but kicks them off at every opportunity. Adores negligees & charmeuse gowns but can't wait to get out of them. She always expects to run into someone who matters, even if she's home alone. A bombshell never dresses carelessly & wear marabou mules around the house....

When she enters a room, everyone looks. When she exits a room, everyone looks. Not because she is more beautiful than other women, or because her clothing is more ooh-la-la, a bombshell's magnetism flows from the inside out.

A bombshell is comfortable & familiar with her body. She wants other people to feel comfortable with her, too. She doesn't edit her feelings or her body language....She expresses her feelings as openly as she displays her curves...

She never pretends to be anyone other than herself. She is not censored, careful or contrived. She doesn't read the rules or follow the rules, or color her hair to conform to the latest trend...The bombshell has her own sense of ethics to which she is always true.

A bombshell is willing to overcome a little discomfort for a nude leg on a cold day. She doesn't complain that her feet hurt in 4-inch heels. She endures the constraints of boned underpinnings & even celebrates them. It does not matter if anyone is going to see her garters. She wears them to please herself as much as to give pleasure to others.

(and my favorite part)
Bombshells don't sit exactly. They perch, curl, curve & occasionally fling their legs up over the arm of the chair or back of the sofa. This also goes for seats on airplanes, cars & trains. The bombshell has the power to make any piece of furniture look comfortable.

The bombshell takes her clothing personally...The bombshell knows a thing or two about anatomy & chooses outfits that accentuate her assets & amplify her personality...."

A few of my favorite snippets from "The Bombshell Manual of Style" by Laren Stover




Could any one please tell me what blog I found these screen shots from or if anything, which movie this is from? I am just dying to know as its been driving me mental... & these costumes are just killing me they are so adorable! Thx! x.L



So since I am waiting for new labels....I have been distracting myself with some extra fabric lying around...and some fabric I forgot I had! Mini collection of black and white.... xx.L


I've had this collection completed for the most part, for awhile now. The only thing holding me back from showing all of you gorgeous ladies is that I am waiting on my new little labels to be finalized! A label, one more row of elastic stitching and a finishing bow are all that needs to be done before you can get your paws on some! I know it has been a long time coming for these, too long really, but you know I make every single one of these by hand & some just take me so darn long! xx.L



is my new motto. I'm going to attack this year, I have decided! So I am starting out with sharing my new etsy shop with you all! Exciting as I have only been on BigCartel ever, but I will be expanding my horizons abit in the next couple of months...


Phew, finally closing up a very eventful 2010, hopefully will stop running around like a headless chicken at some point to relax & get back into some sewing.

Stay tuned for the tricks I have up my sleeve! This year is gonna be a great one! I hope that all of you lovely readers are doing just as well, can't wait to hear from you & catch up.

Cheers! xx.L