My birthday this year. I am so blessed to have so many handfuls of amazing people around me! xx.L



"Don't worry. Modern elegance is not about squeezing one more thing into your already hectic schedule - it's about looking at things from a different perspective. It's about conducting your life in a way that lets your notice the beauty inside yourself, and in the world around you. Living elegantly is about adding a sparkle and a wink to your daily life, so that you're not simply trying to get through the day, but savoring moments of every day." - The Little Pink Book of Elegance




The other day a friend of mine mentioned that she wished her life was more glamorous. She also mentioned that she wished her surroundings were more glamorous. The first thought that came to mind, which I blurted out more quickly than I could form an explanation was that - glamour is a mental state. I suppose I said that so very quickly because it is how I truly feel inside. No matter what your surroundings may look like, what clothes you can afford to buy, what furnishings you have in your house, if you wear your hair the way you want to... most importantly, glamour to me comes from the inside. I think those that are most glamorous are the ones that are kind, polite & respectful to anyone they meet no matter what walk of life they may be on. Glamour is being able to smile when times are either good or rough & most importantly to be proud of the person you have become or are becoming and not by the things that you own. To be glamorous is to take care of the people that you love, to take care of yourself & to always be that person on the bus with a happy face even if you are running late. A smile changes the world & like a wise man once said, "most will forget what you said, but remember how you made them feel". xx.L