Do you? Think about it & get back to me.


I hope all you lovely ladies out there have a glamourous bathing routine such as Sabrina, along with beautiful things to wrap yourselves up in prior & afterward. If you don't, take a little time at the end of the day & buy yourself something gorgeous!

Whats on my wish-list from this clip? Her foundation garment, her dressing table (makes mine seem inadequate) & her bed, complete with satin sheets! Oh Santa! xx.L


Or in other words, a pair of stiletto heels. Some ladies lovingly wear flats, some lovingly wear wedges, some lovingly wear pumps and then there are those of us (my high-heeled darlings) who wear the stiletto - and in my case, vintage stilettos. There are so many reasons for what started my love affair with the 50's/60's stiletto heel and I'm pretty sure that the affair will last a lifetime for me. There is just something so elegant about a springolator mule or a needle heel that will forever please my eye - my eye for design, for how they make me look, and mostly because of how they make me feel. Tread lightly, walk slowly & wiggle a bit. Lets just keep how many pairs (definitely not pictured here) I own....to myself, seeing as its abit out of control. One day I will fess up to how many I actually have....one day.

On a side note, the lovely people over at Collectors Weekly sent this article to me by email. Fascinating commentary & evolution of high heels! Go check it out!



Gasp! BAKELITE!!!! xx.L



Inspirations, fabric treatments & drawings from my senior collection '08

The concept was to take shapes, fabrics & ideals of all things relating to what are distinctly "feminine"garments and why - vice versa for all things relating to what makes something fetish wear. The idea was to juxtapose the two in the visual sense as I learned when researching either side of the project, the fetish for all things "feminine" was as equal in meaning to any particular person as the fetish for all things relating to "fetish" garments. In one sense, I learned quickly that people most likely have a fetish for things they do not have themselves but lust after. Small examples would be: Men have a fetish for women in high heels because men do not wear heels, instead they have a fetish for something distinctly feminine...which is something they could (or would) never obtain themselves. In the female sense, some wear corsets because they cannot obtain an hourglass shape on their own. I could go on with examples, there are millions and more on the broader spectrum than I have even described here. I didn't want to take this collection that far, as it was a "clothing" collection, not lingerie this time around and for me the focus was on the meaning behind the clothing and creating something out of a material that would otherwise be considered taboo. 

So for me, my feminism fabric examples were generally lingerie fabrics, as this is typically a female-only department, I chose textiles such as power mesh (girdles), lace, chiffon, tulle & georgette. On the fetish side, I used latex, oil cloth & patent leather. The idea was to use the fabrics in an a-typical manner such as a corseted skirt made from power mesh, where a garment should be stiff & restricting was replaced with something pliable & soft. This continues on with the latex dresses, usually very form fitting I chose to take shapes from 30's style bias cut gowns, and recreate them in latex, some latex layered with pleated tulle. I could go on & on because this collection was close to my heart, but I will stop before a tangent. Here is how a few looks turned out:





I dream of wearing this bathing suit this summer. I don't have a bathing suit in black satin (yet). xx.L


You all know that moment when you actually find what you've been searching high and low for?! Well, I just found it. My mission every year (frivolous as it may be) is finding my Saturday night viva dress...and I thought I found it a while ago....but boy oh boy was I WRONG! ha! Excitement is taking over. Out of control. Anticipation, yes. Photos, no. Photos after I wear it, yes! Can't wait to smash the green dress to a million bits....*insert evil smirk here*.


...and the reason being mostly because of her lack of undergarments. I know that dressing to the extent that I adore isn't for everybody (which I totally respect) & this woman was one that could pull this off (obviously) and still wreak havoc....in my favorite book, my favorite story of her caught my eye today: "Eschewing a girdle was considered rather risque in the 50's and could make a woman the talk of the town, although careers could be helped by it. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, was infamous for her lack of undergarments, confiding to columnist Earl Wilson in 1952 that she wore "nothing, but nothing at all - no panties, slips, girdles or bras", as she liked to feel "unhampered". Monroe also went on to cause a scandal in 1953 at the annual dinner of Photoplay Magazine, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, having been selected as the best new star of that year. She made a stunning entrance wearing a one-piece gold lame gown designed by Travilla, floor-legnth and with a plunging decolletage, which was deliberately made one size too small and so tight she could wear no underwear underneath. Even the designer begged her not to wear the gown, because he felt she was too fat for it, but after two sessions of colonic irrigation, Monroe made her entrance in the dress that columnist Florabel Muir described as looking "as if it had been painted on". She made every other female star there appear dull by contrast. Maurice Zolotov remembers: "Marilyn hove into view - two hours late. Because (...) her dress was tight around her knees, she walked with mincing steps which emphasized the rotation of her hips. Her curves shimmered in the golden dress. Slowly she walked down the room to the head table. Dining was suspended. Breaths were drawn in, gasps of horror, and admiration, filled the room. For a long moment conversation halted. Then she sat down. The conversation resumed in a lower key, and the topic was Marilyn Monroe."....." - seduction, Caroline Cox

You see, here's the thing. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you are wearing, or what you like to wear. Its really about being comfortable in your own skin. With your own shape. However it may look. Because it's gorgeous. Please appreciate it! I'm not going to get all corny here and tell you that you should "love your body" and etc...(even though you should) but I am going to ask you to imagine that moment as Marilyn, walking into that room. Everyone should have a moment like this at least once in their life.....at least once. Call me if you want the dress for it. xx.L



Most favorite color combination in the world, I think. Its the most perfect marigold meets tangerine, add some creamy lace (and perhaps some black pom pom mules) and you get the perfect summer babydoll to lounge around in. Matching bottoms on the way, I am working these pieces a little bit differently this time, will post when they are done! This little slip, slice of marigold heaven makes me giggle with delight. Will definitely be making more than one of these, and perhaps one for myself  too!                                                                                     



Will I ever finish this collection! I've been caught up with daily life, more because I've picked up several hours at my day job to save up for some extra coins for my vacation I've just booked! In september I am so excited, traveling the world to visit some of my best friends- I'll be going to Australia & then London! I'm over the moon with excitement about my trip and am trying to set a small goal in my head to have the this whole collection done & photographed (along with the past collection re-photographed) before my trip! We will see! If the universe allows me time, more products coming your way...