Merry Christmas my lovely readers! Enjoying coffee with my Bailey's ;) this morning, lighting a fire and going to watch "All about Eve" later. Come join me? xx.L



A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company who was doing market research on people who buy & most importantly, wear vintage clothing. As you all know or are about to, is, that for the most part I am a self-made woman who's closet is about half made by yours truly & half vintage. The eras that I stick to mostly, because of the absolute awesomeness that came from these eras is from the 40's - 60's. I thought that it would be no big deal & I only had to commit to a phone call & an in person interview at my house, so I agreed to be interviewed.

It is truly the most odd thing discussing why you wear what you wear, why you choose to wear things 50-80 years old, what you look for when you shop & basically what defines you. The most surreal moment for me was when I was assuming that I would just be speaking to one person & instead three people showed up at my front door, I was miked & the video camera was rolling the entire time (which I would have felt better about if I had had about ten more minutes in the morning to get dolled up). Instead, what they got was I suppose, the real "casual" me, sitting on my couch in my living room across from my 1940's Dorothy Draper credenza with a pencil skirt, blouse & red lipstick on- I hadn't even had the time to throw on a pair of shoes speaking to people I didn't know about what makes me, me.

It was pretty easy to speak about why my style is the way it is & most importantly how it came about - a lifetime procession into a full-on dive into the deep end from when I was about ten years old until now to get to the place I have always wanted to be. I sat there, speaking passionately in depth to people who were being paid to look like they had even the slightest remote interest in what I was saying was the funniest thing - I felt like a specimen!

All in all it was a treat to get to show off abit of my closet, yes - they videotaped & took photos of that as well (thank goodness I keep my closet tidy) as most of my friends will agree, those who wear vintage collect it with some hope that they get to show it off. I'm sure you all remember my silly posts about a few pretty extravagant collections that I have going at the moment - springolator stiletto heels, swimsuits & sunglasses which have all about doubled in size since the last time I did a post on them :). Aside from all of that, it was pretty fun & has sent me on a whirlwind of curiosity about the rest of you - have most of you obtained your style by what you see in current magazines? Or are you abit like me where you fashion your fashion from those glamourous days of 40's screen sirens and so on....sigh. I guess a part of me wishes those eras would have never disappeared & I suppose that for me to re-create them in my own world everyday makes me feel like I live in a wonderful dreamland. Come join me for a cocktail sometime & I'll ask you what they asked me. I'd love to know. xx.L