Packaging has always been the icing on the cake for a really fantastic product in my opinion. Especially packaging that holds something very luxurious & special inside. So far, I have done well with my labels as well as my hangtags but packaging has been the obstacle, or shall I say next project to get working on, until I found the packaging of my dreams today. I was in need of a seriously fancy box to send a seriously fancy special order dress to a VIP client in London and after a friend mentioned I should swing by, I popped into the ever famous and unbelievably gorgeous shop Bell'occhio today to find such a thing. Much to my suspicion, the lovely Claudia had three lovely color-ways for gift boxes but it was love at first sight when I spied these perfectly-matching-to my labels and new working color story for my new website and overall brand/product finery. They are absolutely gorgeous, completely handmade by whom I do not know and you can bet your dollar I am going to be placing a large order soon to package up the new collection, you know, if you decide to purchase anything! These lovely boxes are like jewelry boxes, perfect to use as storage for your lola devlin chiffon & silk goodies and I am pleased as punch! xx.L



...and no one else would you ever love. xx.L


I'm on my way to Los Angeles this weekend to enjoy some sunny weather, great food at my all time favorite restaurant, to spend some time with a few of the favorites and of course to get in a little vintage shopping and some lingerie spying. I am hopeful to check out an amazing exhibit at the lacma - the lobster bathing suit is there in person (do you think they will notice it if I borrow it for a while?), have a little lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel (Fountain Cafe please), and take a stroll through the Descanso Gardens. Of course I've got a small shopping list of stores that I want to hit up but I can't share my secret spots until after I've swooped through! ;) Hope to run into some of you! xx.L