It has surely been a whirlwind summer I'll tell ya! Ive been running from the ocean to the lake & back over again, sewing up dozens of new clothes for those lovely ladies in need, getting more and more excited for a super special end of the summer road trip with a fellow cupcake-loving friend from London, but most importantly, the best part of summer, is that my birthday is coming around again. This time though, I look forward to a glass too many of my favorite pink champagne & a souffle or two at Jacqueline's with my ladies du jour...and perhaps a new pair of knickers, or two, or three...This summer in San Francisco has just been incredible. Summer weather all around except for the occasional blanket of fog. I'm looking forward to taking a warm evening stroll with my handsome man & only can hope for him to take me to Zuni for a roast chicken. I have been grateful for a bit of free time to rediscover old music I had forgotten about, lovely frocks in the back of the closet that need a night out & after this next order is complete - selfishly sticking my nose into a book & dreaming of a world that is not mine. Cooking...cleaning...sewing...daydreaming...story of my life. xx.L