"If we wrap an object in some kind of envelope, so that the eyes infer rather than see the object that is enclosed, the inferred or imagined form is likely to be more perfect than it would appear if it were uncovered. Thus a square box covered with brown paper will be imagined as a perfect square. Unless the mind is give some very strong clues it is unlikely to visualize holes, dents, cracks or other accidental qualities. In the same way, if we cast a drapery over a thigh, a leg, an arm or a breast, the imagination supposes a perfectly formed member; it usually cannot envisage the irregularities and the imperfections which experience should lead us to expect. The art, if one may thus describe it, of the stripper consists in always being about the reveal all; she pursues nudity as Achilles pursued the tortoise, never quite achieving it; the visible charms of her person always being enhanced by those which are yet to be revealed. And this is true also of dress: it heightens the sexual imagination partly by revealing the body but partly by judicious discretion. "
- Quentin Bell

The Art of Dress. Sigh. I wish more took this seriously. Fashion is so wonderful in that it is always changing, trends are new every six months. Unfortunately for some, like me & others with severe hour-glass figures, we have to stick to what we know & how to dress our bodies! Trends cannot be followed as closely as others, instead only hinted at- which is fine for me I suppose, because I have a very distinct style anyways.

We are all imperfect & perfect at the same time. And as Mr. Bell mentioned above, if you dress your figure the correct way, then the world will perceive you has having a perfect figure (whatever your shape may be), cellulite and all. And trust me, after working in the lingerie industry - everyone has some somewhere!! Accentuating your assets (and I don't mean showing skin & putting everything on display) but more so by having clothing that fits you well, and concealing your more "womanly" assets is the key.

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