...and the reason being mostly because of her lack of undergarments. I know that dressing to the extent that I adore isn't for everybody (which I totally respect) & this woman was one that could pull this off (obviously) and still wreak havoc....in my favorite book, my favorite story of her caught my eye today: "Eschewing a girdle was considered rather risque in the 50's and could make a woman the talk of the town, although careers could be helped by it. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, was infamous for her lack of undergarments, confiding to columnist Earl Wilson in 1952 that she wore "nothing, but nothing at all - no panties, slips, girdles or bras", as she liked to feel "unhampered". Monroe also went on to cause a scandal in 1953 at the annual dinner of Photoplay Magazine, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, having been selected as the best new star of that year. She made a stunning entrance wearing a one-piece gold lame gown designed by Travilla, floor-legnth and with a plunging decolletage, which was deliberately made one size too small and so tight she could wear no underwear underneath. Even the designer begged her not to wear the gown, because he felt she was too fat for it, but after two sessions of colonic irrigation, Monroe made her entrance in the dress that columnist Florabel Muir described as looking "as if it had been painted on". She made every other female star there appear dull by contrast. Maurice Zolotov remembers: "Marilyn hove into view - two hours late. Because (...) her dress was tight around her knees, she walked with mincing steps which emphasized the rotation of her hips. Her curves shimmered in the golden dress. Slowly she walked down the room to the head table. Dining was suspended. Breaths were drawn in, gasps of horror, and admiration, filled the room. For a long moment conversation halted. Then she sat down. The conversation resumed in a lower key, and the topic was Marilyn Monroe."....." - seduction, Caroline Cox

You see, here's the thing. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you are wearing, or what you like to wear. Its really about being comfortable in your own skin. With your own shape. However it may look. Because it's gorgeous. Please appreciate it! I'm not going to get all corny here and tell you that you should "love your body" and etc...(even though you should) but I am going to ask you to imagine that moment as Marilyn, walking into that room. Everyone should have a moment like this at least once in their life.....at least once. Call me if you want the dress for it. xx.L

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  1. What a story...ever seen the actual dress? So glad you're back on the blog wagon!!