Or in other words, a pair of stiletto heels. Some ladies lovingly wear flats, some lovingly wear wedges, some lovingly wear pumps and then there are those of us (my high-heeled darlings) who wear the stiletto - and in my case, vintage stilettos. There are so many reasons for what started my love affair with the 50's/60's stiletto heel and I'm pretty sure that the affair will last a lifetime for me. There is just something so elegant about a springolator mule or a needle heel that will forever please my eye - my eye for design, for how they make me look, and mostly because of how they make me feel. Tread lightly, walk slowly & wiggle a bit. Lets just keep how many pairs (definitely not pictured here) I own....to myself, seeing as its abit out of control. One day I will fess up to how many I actually have....one day.

On a side note, the lovely people over at Collectors Weekly sent this article to me by email. Fascinating commentary & evolution of high heels! Go check it out!

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