San Francisco Symphony was putting on a live performance of Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho in the huge, absolutely gorgeous Davies Symphony Hall, meaning that they had a screen playing the movie & the voices but the symphony was playing the soundtrack live (just the kind of soundtrack you'd want to hear live! Murder story, creepy, perfectly awesome).

My very good friend and photographer extraordinaire Kristopher Parra (he also took my MadMen shot!) called me up one day and simply asked if I wanted to take a photo with him, so I rolled out of bed, threw my hair up and we went down to the Mission/Dolores church and within 5 minutes literally snapped this shot, scary sky and all. Anyways, he was entering it in the contest for the show, and we ended up winning! Ha! We won orchestra seats, which was good because I'd been lying to everyone all week that we won orchestra seats anyways (like I even had a clue, we could of been given nosebleeds!), so last night we got all dolled up, this is the symphony baby!

You can dress us up but you can't take the rockabilly out of us, yes we still had a flask of whiskey amongst the tuxedos and gowns. Surreal and creepy and totally awesome. Reminds me that I need to do things like go to the Symphony and definitely the Ballet more often...wish it wasn't so darn expensive to though!!! xx.L


  1. That is so great! He told me about the contest and showed me the photo. I knew he would win! I'm glad you had an awesome time.

  2. That's so great you won. Love the photo. And it sounds like it would have been amazing!
    -Andi x