Ssssh don't tell anyone, but guess what came in the mail today? Yep. Mmmm Hmmm. My second Cole of California Scandal Suit. This time in the tiger print with not only the mesh panel down the front, but the sides too....jealous? I know. Its a good one. Over so many years I have collected some seriously awesome suits (I'll post em all up tomorrow) but it was always a hope that I would find one of these babies...and within one month I have managed to get my filthy paws on not only one, but two! First the leopard and now the tiger - cept the leopard is the much less scandalous of the two with only the mesh panel down the front. If I get the guts to actually model these suits (whiskey shot may be a pre-requesite to that shoot), you will see. I think "scandal" is an understatement...there is all sorts of skin exposed in that tiger number...
On that note, it may be a contender for next years viva pool party! xx.L

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