This is one of two absolutely amazing vintage shops in Melbourne, I unfortunately forgot to snap a few photos of the inside to share with you, but I will do some hunting to see if my friend got a few. We stumbled on the lovely esmeandthelaneway , (whom I had no idea I would run into! Been reading her blog since the beginning!) which without her aid, would have never found this amazing store - Clara Fox. This store is quite literally the best in Melbourne as far as vintage goes & what not to make it better, but two wonderful ladies running the shop. We had such a blast in here, hung out for far too long but as you can see, it took a while to make sure you saw all of the good stuff that you just can't fathom living without. 

Here I give you the amazing Clara Fox: 479 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North 9481 1990
Do yourself a favor & take a few hours to admire the glory....post soon on what I bought!

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