I had the pleasure of viewing this exhibition whilst in London this past September, it was on the amazing textiles & designs of the vintage 40's & 50's label - Horrockses. It was truly fantastic, my favorite piece is the lobster print skirt (I need one, yes) & my favorite part was viewing the fashion sketches - we call these Croquis - of the designs with the swatches on fabrics & ideas for prints alongside. I could take everyone of these dresses home, but more importantly, every one of the swimsuits with matching jackets! Thanks to my ever so lovely friend Brooke for finding this for us! xx.L




  1. Amazing! I would love to see that!

    Good luck with the sewing and all, I can't wait to see the results, the labels and everything!

  2. so damn cool!
    I really love these shots! the dresses are so amazing!

  3. Such beautiful pics of a lovely exhibition, Have a sweet day!