I go through this every couple of months or so - when my actual to-do list starts to get abit too long to handle & my inspiration to-do list gets shoved aside. There are curses that most creative people have when you need to let yourself take a break, step away from the sewing machine & the fabric scissors (in my case), step away from the re-design of the website, backup the last photos from the most recent photo shoot, etc. to breathe and re-group a little, take some personal time, spend extra time with the people that are most important to you, take extra-long bubble baths, go for long walks as the leaves are starting to fall, maybe even visit Paris or your family's beach house....and voila. One day you just wake up & for some unknown reason or another are bouncing with ideas in your head, your fingers are twitching to get started on a new project, visions of great things are basically running races past your eyes. Blessing right? Well, for me yes but not so much. Those inspirations become a total over-whelming & exciting time for me but my downfall is the fact that my daily life still continues....so while there is so much that I am ready to get back to: new sketches drawn, fabric in piles of combinations with trims & bows, patterns made for new garments (yes, I actually sat down and made new damn patterns- must be sick right?...if anyone really knows me they know I am a draper, not a pattern maker), website ideas as well as store research & service guidelines for shop girls after my wonderful holiday, this over-whelming surge of creative energy leaves me stuck standing still like my feet are glued to the floor with bubblegum. I decided when I took a deep breath that I needed to organize a little bit, possibly make a timeline, re-do my goals for the next 3 months...and most importantly, I signed up for 4 business classes today. Can't check those off the list yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to put the foundations beneath me so I can get back to the fun stuff! Making knickers! xx.L


  1. I think a good long rock n roll weekend in Long Beach will set you straight! xxx

  2. Congrats on the classes!


  3. I understand you totally ! I use the same tricks as you. I do long walks, baths and all sorts....
    Also, I am in Paris for a few days...