I remember so long ago finding my Grandpa's cigarette lighters in one of his drawers, there were two - one was cream with a black logo, the other black with a cream logo. That logo was the Playboy Bunny, and the script on the back side of the lighters read: The Playboy Club, Chicago 1961. Back then I had an idea as to what they were & what they meant, but aside from a true fascination that my Grandparents got the chance to actually go to one of the originals, I didn't know much. Hello foundation garments!

                                                                               INSIDE THE PLAYBOY PARADISE (click photo for link):

"What is a bunny? A Bunny- like the Playboy Playmate- is the girl next door. She is the American romanticized myth...beautiful, desirable, and a nice, fun-loving person. A Bunny is not a broad or a "hippy". She may be sexy, but it's a fresh healthy sex - not cheap or lewd. The Playboy Club is more like show business than the saloon business, and the Bunnies are the stars. We have managers for directors, bartenders for stage managers, and porters and busboys for stagehands. You-the stars- are what bring the people into the Club. You are what gives the Club its glamour. We stress that Bunnies should not get too familiar with customers for just that reason. Men are very excited about being in the company of Elizabeth Taylor, but they know they can't paw or proposition her. The moment that they felt they could become familiar with her, she would not have the aura of glamour that now surrounds her. The same must be true of our Bunnies..."- Mr. Keith Hefner in the "Bunny Training Course" xx.L

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  1. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a Playboy Bunny! I always loved those satin outfits they wear <3