"A bombshell is full of contradictions. She is a combustible blend of confidence and vulnerability. Sauce & naivete. She wears high heels but kicks them off at every opportunity. Adores negligees & charmeuse gowns but can't wait to get out of them. She always expects to run into someone who matters, even if she's home alone. A bombshell never dresses carelessly & wear marabou mules around the house....

When she enters a room, everyone looks. When she exits a room, everyone looks. Not because she is more beautiful than other women, or because her clothing is more ooh-la-la, a bombshell's magnetism flows from the inside out.

A bombshell is comfortable & familiar with her body. She wants other people to feel comfortable with her, too. She doesn't edit her feelings or her body language....She expresses her feelings as openly as she displays her curves...

She never pretends to be anyone other than herself. She is not censored, careful or contrived. She doesn't read the rules or follow the rules, or color her hair to conform to the latest trend...The bombshell has her own sense of ethics to which she is always true.

A bombshell is willing to overcome a little discomfort for a nude leg on a cold day. She doesn't complain that her feet hurt in 4-inch heels. She endures the constraints of boned underpinnings & even celebrates them. It does not matter if anyone is going to see her garters. She wears them to please herself as much as to give pleasure to others.

(and my favorite part)
Bombshells don't sit exactly. They perch, curl, curve & occasionally fling their legs up over the arm of the chair or back of the sofa. This also goes for seats on airplanes, cars & trains. The bombshell has the power to make any piece of furniture look comfortable.

The bombshell takes her clothing personally...The bombshell knows a thing or two about anatomy & chooses outfits that accentuate her assets & amplify her personality...."

A few of my favorite snippets from "The Bombshell Manual of Style" by Laren Stover



  1. I must have that book! Can I send this over to the other girls in the Bombshells? Or at least copy and paste some of it on facebook? I love it!

  2. Absolutely! This book is so fun! and about 98% true...! xx