This is a topic that I have wanted to talk about for a while not only because it will forever be a curiosity to me but a constant reminder in my daily life, and after having to deal with a day like today, I thought maybe now is the time to bring it up. There are so many types of consumers in this world. There is the sophisticated type of consumer (in my opinion) - these are the few that purchase items every year or so, buying quality over quantity, purchasing pieces that they feel & look amazing in regardless of price, support designers that practice the art of their craft (smaller vs. massive made in china producers)...etc. These are the types of shoppers that I can relate to the most. Being in an industry that moves so quickly, I myself appreciate spending my money where I know it counts. Opting to purchase a pair of trousers or knickers that are priced at the quality of the materials as well as the craftsmanship over something cheaper because I know that first off they will : last me longer if I care for them correctly, maintain their credibility through the span of time & mostly because I am a fabric snob at this point & cannot be bothered with anything super cheap that feels like I am wearing cardboard. When it comes to knickers or lingerie I have the strongest opinion on the matter - why wouldn't you want your knickers to be the most luxurious things you own? They are closest to your skin, you have to wear them everyday, all day... it is the best gift you can purchase for yourself (or someone can purchase for you), the list goes on and on, but you get the drift? Another rule for the day: You should always spend more money on the quality items you use everyday.

Then there is the type of consumer who likes the fast fashion, which I don't mind at all! They keep the economy moving & shaking! The consumer who I will never understand or agree with is this odd, generation-spanned faux-luxury type of person who thinks that because they are wearing something designer...this makes them luxurious. Just because you carry a designer handbag or wear a designer sunglass does not mean that you understand anything more than labeling a brand on yourself. They probably haven't a clue that everything they are wearing was made in china & that they over-paid  99% on the item...but hey, those luxury CEO's love these ladies! My shocking encounter was with one of these woman today in my shop. This woman left me a bit shook up, confused & really just... I could go on but you get the drift.

Beautiful lady, hair done, nails done, gemstones sparking at the ears & around the neck, carrying an Hermes Birkin bag. She walked through the doors like she owned the place & straight to our gorgeous silk pajamas - which have recently been redone into gorgeous new fabric, new cut on the waist, etc. Basically, they are breathtaking. Her first words out of her mouth back at me were not a friendly hello, or even a slight smile. Instead she knocked the pajamas down from their hanger & said "these are much too expensive for me"... which they really are not & after knowing how much that Birkin bag cost her, I was a bit surprised by her remark. She then informed me that she was not into lingerie & would not be ever but had a gift to use up in the store & could not be bothered to pick out something for herself (I'm thinking, poor fellow bought you a nice gift & this is how its going to go down?!). After showing her around, showing her fun knicker options at the least, she fell frustrated, threw her coat onto the counter, making sure her "Chanel" label was prominently displayed & opted to try the pajamas on, to which I happily helped her. In the middle of the fitting, she stopped, threw her arms up in the air & exclaimed in question how would she possibly clean these. "Do I have to dry clean these every fu***** week? I mean, who in the world has time for that, I'm a working girl much aside from the fact that this shop is ridiculous & why do people bother wearing such ridiculous things in the first place." She went on & I watched her, calmly, almost like watching a child going through a temper tantrum.

When she was done, my response, "these pajamas are surely the most luxurious item here in this store as well as most luxurious item you could ever possibly own. The silk charmeuse these are made of is of the finest quality possible & the cut of the pattern has been years in the making. You can either decide to treat yourself to a bit of glamour because you love these pajamas & you love the way you feel in them as well as the way they make you look. Take the time to take care for them. Unless you feel like you actually would care for them correctly or love the pajamas because of their beauty, then you are not worthy & you do not deserve to own them." I then took the top out of her hands, placed it alongside the matching pant on the cream padded hanger & walked out of the dressing room, closing the curtains behind me.

Ten minutes later, she came out & asked to buy the pajamas. xx.L


  1. wow - people are crazy, seriously. Good on you for not taking her cheek and standing up for what you believe! Which is also what I believe ;p

    Gaby xoxo

    PS I dont understand how anyone could not like lingerie hahah

  2. Wow! This story tells me that you are much more of a patient lady than I would have been in this situation.

    It always astounds me how readily some people will part with cash when it comes to spending on 'labels' but those same people have no appreciation of the work of an artisan.

    Not all beautiful things are made by 'big' designers. I guess money really doesn't by taste! xo

  3. I was so horrified afterwards! I know first hand that money doesn't buy taste, but do run into people who don't like lingerie at all & also don't think or understand how it can get so expensive at times either... Such a shock when people are appalled at prices for some things, even when it is one of mine or even your garments, Gaby! It makes the mama dog in me come out when I have to respond with "um, I'm pretty sure it took that person hours and hours on end by hand to create that garment...again, if you arn't going to love it then you don't deserve to own it!" What nerve! haha

  4. Lisa, that is one of the best retail stories I have ever heard. While working in the vintage shop, I often heard people complain about the price of the "used" clothing, and those were the people I didn't WANT to sell to.

  5. i agree with all the above comments, people are CRAZY!!! i love your very calm and very to the point (but not rude) comment. i also love that she asked to buy them after reconsidering her tantrum!!

    you are my heroine of the week!!

  6. aww, thank you lovely! I just wish some people appreciated what they have/can afford more often. x

  7. Wow, money can't buy class, that's for sure. Good for you for sticking up for those PJ's! And in such a calm and collected way! You should get a raise.

  8. Well darling, I hope I more than make up for her attitude with my enthusiastic bi-annual ransacking of the sale rack :) I love nice things and can't thanks you enough for educating all of us about fabrics, cuts, and, well, luxury.

  9. Well darling...I hope I more than make up for her attitude with my enthusiastic bi-annual ransacking of your sale rack! Thank you so much for educating us all about fabric, cut, and, well, luxury.