Its always a weird time for me when I'm stuck in the middle of a project. The sewing is done, at least the creative part, its a waiting game until it can be completed - waiting on new labels to be made, & the silence that happens after the designing in my mind stops so the creativity can wake up to complete the circle - inspiring for the photo shoot. It is at this point where I literally feel myself stop thinking about details & I try to take in, visually at least, as much as possible until I start putting the puzzle pieces together for what type of visual I want to create. Especially this time around, I feel like it is the most important photo shoot for me to date as this collection is my pride & joy & one that I am damn proud to put my name on. There is so much inspiration out there at our fingertips with the world of internet & so on, but where I start is always funny to me, its probably not where most start, but to me it is so close to my heart that I feel like I would be doing a dis-service to myself by not beginning there. My inspirations always begin in my massive antique photo collections. I have one album of my family alone & the many, many others are of snaps that I have rescued from all around the world, disregarded family albums from so many different places. Over the years these photos have grown so important to me. Perfect in their absolute imperfections, lighting, placement, facial expressions, hilarious mis-takes, simple moments...they are so special to me. This photo is one from my family's album & someday I promise to share more from the adopted albums! xx.L

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