My dear readers, my sincerest apologies for my very un-planned blogging vacation! Seeing as this is the month that I take a break from the "biz" & focus abit on my personal wardrobe for our annual event this year (scouring etsy more like!), I haven't been able to share much with you! Since I always keep this wardrobe hidden before its unveil, I haven't really even shared my inspiration with you either, have I?! Just terrible, I know. But I do promise to make it all up to you, everything is almost complete (along with a couple of custom dress orders for the Kentucky Derby) & not before long, I shall be back! Thinking of you, I have so much to tell you! I've been up to a few road trips around the California coast, a fantastic new promotion, having gingerbread pancakes with some lovely friends & as always, many many dances with my handsome gents taking me for a spin & a jive on the dance floor. I promise to rekindle our romance asap! xx.L

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