I find that I can scour the world for inspiration and it all seems like fun & games but I know that once I've selected the fabrics for a new collection, inspiration for what to make is like when a tsunami hits the shore. Today, I spent a luxurious day at the fabric store picking and choosing and combining different fabrics to create what I didn't even know I had it mind. I feel it is easier to let the fabrics guide you for what you are about to become with this next collection, as it can be difficult sometimes to find what you really want in the color you have in mind. So instead, I play, running around every floor while carrying bolts upon bolts of fabric until I've got the perfect base to start a well-rounded collection and once everything is cut, becomes the even more fun part of choosing the trims and what not. Now, sitting in my studio with a cup of Mariage Freres tea (marco polo of course), the tsunami storm is in full force as I am trying to sort through my collection of inspirations that I have acquired for months now, some fancy, some smutty, always vintage, and am drawing up some blueprints for shapes and ideas. I can't say much more so far other than I am feeling like this is a meeting of the glamorous deco era with my love for classic 50's lines. And yes, I made sure that all of the fabrics matched my red lipstick. ;) xx.L

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