"When Miss St. Clare walks, she walks. But when she does something else, she very easily becomes all the animals who ever came out of the ark, rolled into one. Most people move by not keeping still; a very few move by moving; she does neither. She propagates - that is perhaps the word for it - a literally miraculous synthesis of flying and swimming and floating and rising and darting and gliding and pouncing and falling and creeping and every other conceivable way of moving; and all these merely conceivable ways are mysteriously controlled by an inconceivable way which is hers alone." - What E.E. Cummings wrote of burlesque star June St. Clare, in "Striptease - The Untold History of the Girlie Show" by Rachel Shteir

How do you think someone would describe your moves? xx.L

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  1. The first word that pops into my mind is 'reckless'

    but in a small kinda way! hahahah

    Like a tiny hurricane... xx