1. a woman of refinement & gentle manners 

2. a considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior

synonyms: gentlewoman



1. a seductive woman who uses her attractiveness for the seduction of others

2. a beautiful woman who uses her certain allure to entrap & charm someone of her choosing

synonyms:  femme fatale, coquette, minx, seductress, siren

What I do believe is that in every woman, she has a bit that is part lady, part vamp. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will ever get to see this side of her or perhaps you see plenty. But I really believe that somewhere, someone has this in her. Also, the vamp works in mysterious ways sometimes - perhaps we won't all use our charms like Ms. Lili in this photo but we all work in our own ways, perhaps strong at times, perhaps cheeky at times, perhaps many things more but I do hope that when something or someone comes along your path, you will remember that you've got a little bit of minx in you, while still being one hundred percent lady. xx.L

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  1. I need to see you in the flesh so we can be silly ladies together!!!
    Vamp - Vegas.... We were vamping up a storm! wahhhh!!! I need you and lurex dresses x