This year for many I have heard & including myself, has been truly remarkable. I think we have all had some amazing opportunities cross our path along with the usual not-so-fun occurrences or hurdles to jump but I think & am blessed to say that it has been a damn good year. For myself, my goals were entirely business related this year & for my small company, I seemed to get a lot accomplished! I launched a collection & did everything I ever wanted to create for that collection (which I never thought would happen), started a new collection, sold many orders one naughty bit at a time, worked very hard at my day job & was part of a beautiful clan of women that pushed our store to the top in the company, fell in love again & again with my favorite boy, had wonderful moments with my family and finally, had a dream come true which I hope to tell you all about soon enough. I will say this however, it is the oddest thing really to have a dream come true before your very eyes but it did not happen without seriously hard work & dedication to my craft along with all of the fabulous hands that were there when I needed them along the way. I always talk about the things in life that make me giggle, which as you know are many, however this time I am proud to say was probably the best giggle of all.

I want to thank you all for reading my little blog both the newbies & the vintage, I am very excited to see what this next year offers & I can say in absolute certainty, hopefully without jinxing myself (I'll just tap the wood of my desk in case), that big things are soon to happen. Big things in my small little way. Lola always gets what she wants! Happy Holidays Gorgeous Friends. Love to you & yours! xx.L

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