There is a particular photo of Jean Harlow that comes to mind when I look at this picture of ivory layers on the left. As a 1930's movie star, she is pictured laying in a white silk slip, atop a white silk bed in a white room with white curtains & hair as white as the rest. The photo screams glamour. Ivory screams glamour. Not many would choose to wear this piece unless it was their wedding, but I think you may want to consider a change of heart. Ivory lingerie is the most respected in my opinion and takes someone with real confidence to wear as it will leave nothing to the imagination except a frothy layer of creamy delight.
This is also the season for the Bridal collections to be making an appearance. If you are anything like myself, I would be much more concerned with my Bridal lingerie as opposed to the actual bridal dress! Above all, the ultimate glamour goddess wouldn't do with anything less than the finest silk chiffon, charmeuse, & lace. So without further ado, I am giving you a sneaky peek into one of the most dreamy combinations, the little clump (if you will) of sheer ivory heaven.

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