"there are those women who, observing how men's eyes instinctively slide down over the curve of a breast or up the smooth slope of a calf, hang their fortunes on the very feature that sets them apart from men: their femininity...."

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. After thinking about this quite often, and more so in figuring out my company's main beliefs & meaning, I realized that I understood this woman quite well. And I don't mean the women who said this quote, I mean the woman she is speaking of: "those women who". There is a sort of power & magnetism that some women have while others haven't quite figured it out - and may never! They understand that they have what someone else may want, what someone else wants to be near, and what someone else finds to be amazing. Femininity is such a strong & powerful thing that I think most women haven't learned how to harness on their own.

In my opinion, superficially it starts with lingerie. I believe that lingerie, however you choose to wear it, works as hidden magic that only you know about, unless of course the wind decides to blow & some passer-by got a quick glance of the top of a stocking & garter.

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