I think that blogs are a nice way to meet people, see how they live life & hear what they think. As a designer, I always love to see how different people work, what they surround themselves with & why. This is a little peak into one of my worlds, a space that once I sit down at, I never know where I will end up going. I find inspiration in these boards everyday, and always find something new & different to admire while still finding comfort in their stillness. Some designers work from architecture, landscapes, color or shape. What I have realized is that I am constantly inspired by people, their faces, their outfits, the shot that the camera captured when the photo was taken, that moment when you feel like you can imagine their whole life story in just looking at their eyes. For me, that will never change - I love to create a character. These photos above are a collection of people I know from my life & people I know from finding them somewhere in this world- antique stores, closets, street corners, inside of old books, etc. Funny enough, I love those that I don't know just as much as the ones I love in my family.

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  1. Love it! Makes me want to see pics up close, but I like too seeing the whole board and the organized jumble of people and situations!