Ack! Where have I been?! What have I been up to? Getting ready for viva las vegas for the past month or so. Because I spend all year deciding what I want to wear and of course I also have to make said garments, pretty much leaves me in a sewing cave for about 6 weeks. But its all worth it in the end!

For me, vegas is the one time a year that my best friends from all over the world - London, Australia & even Holland fly over for this weekend, we all stay rooms apart from each other down the same corridor in the hotel, and pretty much never leave each other's side for about 22 hours of each day. The trip is like dreamland - constant shopping, dancing, bands, cars, restaurants, drinks, laughing, and best of all - ensemble changes! This year for me it was 4 days =  16 outfits with 9 shoes. All fit into one carry-on bag I must say!

If you like what you see here, just wait until next year. I've got a new theme running in my head!


  1. That green dress is SMASHING! holy hotness! <3

  2. you are so gorgeous! love that green dress with your red hair.

  3. Your sewing skills are truly amazing...the green dress...wow!!!! And the lady in it of course makes the ensemble!!!!! I won't miss the next one :>)

  4. I am honored to be in the photo with all the swim suits! San Francisco did represent well in regards to fashion at this years Viva. See you tomorrow night!