In 7 weeks exactly from today, I am taking a trip around the world, literally, to visit some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for - first stop - Melbourne, Australia! Second stop - London, England! Back in April after VLV, I had such a blast that one morning, I woke up with a wild hair and decided to look into tickets to visit - turns out they had some screamin' deals and before I knew it, I was punching my credit card numbers in & booked a ticket! What is most exciting is not only to be able to visit places I have never been before - like Australia! I'm the first of our San Francisco clan to be able to make it down there - or is it down under? ;) - The best part is all the lovely friends who will be joining me on each leg of the trip - funny how we work in our group, we all get jealous that one gets to visit another so we usually end up figuring out how to go along too...ha!

Aside from the friends, what do I love most? Having another excuse to build a new wardrobe to wear! I always want something new to wear & that starts with an idea for color - whats coming up this fall is a whole lot of color & a whole lot of wiggle dresses (naturally) & a whole lot of woman. Look out world! Hope you are ready for it....


  1. I need a proper job so I can one day join you on your adventures!

  2. Kim! We can take over the world!! Lets go!!