At home, hanging out on a friday night, recovering for a terrible cold still... dove into an adorable little book that my shop received in the mail a while back, mostly because it featured us in the credits but I snagged it anyways because I am a bit obsessive over my growing collection of lingerie/boudoir/undergarment research & history (currently need new larger bookshelf). Its called "Underneath It All" by Jennifer Manuel Carroll & Kathy Schultz. I found it to be adorable, quite a good read for someone who is slightly new to the lingerie world as it does go over some pretty basic info. I would appreciate reading it if I was looking to learn abit more about what would be best for me prior to going to a boutique & spending heaps of hours (and dollars). The best part, for me was so cute & funny that I thought I would share - the book has this fun little quiz to see what type of lingerie person you are in all regards of life & mine was quite amusing since every line they say about me in particular, happens to be my MANTRA as well as slight basis of my company... shoot you would have thought they interviewed me for this type of person! Apparently I am "Sophisticated/Chic" with a bit of "Seductress", and I, "lovely lady, need to wear things that make you feel beautiful. Nothing is off-limits for you, with the exception of "adult store" lingerie - and anything cheap or not luxurious. Some elegant recommendations include: Bra & knicker sets that match perfectly. Lace in all colors and patterns. Designer prints, logo prints and colors. Chemises and gowns, to sleep in. Silk or satin pajamas. Long dressing gowns or kimono style robes to wrap yourself in morning or night. High heels. Very high. "  (check, check, check, check, check, check...and check). They also note that I should always "buy two pairs of matching knickers per set & that I hang all my sleepwear on padded hangers in the closet." (check & check).  Ladies - if I haven't welcomed you before, welcome to the Lola D Mantra! More guidelines from myself will be coming soon! xx.L

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