Nobody can deny the slight sense of relief when a rainy day comes & you just happen to have a day off, excuses to do nothing really but what you want - either lay on the couch watching sappy black & white movies or sitting quietly over a bundle of lace & chiffon. Or at least, that is what I would be doing on those days, my favorite, or so I thought. Until the other day, it was gorgeous here in SF. The kind of gorgeous that you walk out in sandals & shorts, hot enough to enjoy the sun & breezy enough to remember where you are. The man & I walked over to the Boulange to get something yummy as well as something naughty to eat & made our way to our park, where we sat for hours only to come home to a house with all the windows open, sun gleaming through (never happens for us in winter as we live on the shady side of the street) & the option to do really, whatever you want! But unlike my beloved rainy days & the bundled up feeling you get from being in the studio, instead of sitting doing nothing, I found that I quite enjoyed a little afternoon sewing, didn't mind the breeze so much as it scattered the lace bits & swayed the chiffon abit around the table. In fact what it helped me to come up with, I think you may quite like :). So I am replacing my favorite rainy days with hope for more days like these because they really just make you fall in love with your life all over again. And that, I think, is the best type of romance to be living. xx.L


  1. This post is beautiful.
    You couldn't have put it more lovely!
    Thankyou for making me smile :)
    I hope you get more days that inspire you like this!


  2. Yup couldn't be more green with envy! I live in Canada where we just got a fresh dump or snow >.<
    enjoy the sun for me!