With a re-cap even!

How are you lovelies out there? Let me tell you, I am so happy to be back. Totally inspired, totally exhausted but as we do, all we need is a fresh coat of red polish on the nails & a swipe of red on the lips to not look as tired as I feel, right? I can blame this tired feeling on being sick as a dog, even thru Viva I had absolutely no voice & no energy to speak of, but life is too short to worry about being sick right? Right so I had to power thru the weekend as much as I could to keep up with my crazy friends until Sunday evening when I had an absolute crash out at about 3am - I really thought I could keep dancing but my headache gave in much earlier than my feet & out like a light in bed I went! As you know, the gang & I do try to keep dancing until 6-8am (whenever the rooms close down), then goes breakfast, then sleep for the night. Tis the way, all the time, every year. I've got heaps & heaps to share with you, so many fabulous outfits were spotted around, so many fabulous new friends met this year, fantastic moments - I got to meet Tempest Storm! (gasp), Gizelle (gasp), The Caezers (gasp. gasp. gasp.) The famous Mr. Tony Nylons took my photo poolside...so without further ado let me start at the beginning. First, as a suggestion from a friend, a quick dissection of my viva wardrobe. This year I packed 5 day outfits, 4 fancy dinner outfits, 4 dancing outfits, 2 poolside outfits & 1 lounge outfit - with every possible accessory (pretty sure you know this about me by now) all fit into one carry one suitcase & one carry on bag. You would think I was trained by the navy! ;) Here are some quick snaps of the best outfits, I will post the photos of all of us next up. xx.L


  1. ALL amazing!!! Great colours (colors) too!!!
    I can't believe it's been a year since we did this!
    Can't wait to see/hear more about your fun!!

  2. Any chance you can do a blog on how you pack such an amazing wardrobe so lightly (or tightly?) without breaking accessories or any wardrobe damage? I am just dying to know!!!!!

  3. Ah well nothing more than stuffing jewelry in all of my clutch purses & small clothing (blouses, etc), stuffed in my heels & whatnot! Also, rolling your clothes helps! But I like to blame it all on my "packing fairies" - as I think they do more work than I do. :)

  4. How do you find all those beautiful Springolators? I can never find any in my size 10W. They are always small. I am dying for a pair.

  5. I'm always on the prowl lady! But I do come across them in your size sometimes! Its just been years of keeping an eye out for em. You will find your pair one day, I promise. xx.L