This year was probably the best vegas trip ever, in fact I had so much fun I really do need a relaxing vacation after this vacation because "relax" we did not. This year in particular, 98% of my rockabilly family came out from all around the world, some I was expecting and a few surprise attacks in there (the Dutch!). We spent most of our time it seems hanging out chatting in the hallways, laying by the pool and dancing the night away in the record hops. Bands? We didn't really care. Car show? We didn't really care. Shopping? We didn't really care either. Hang outs yes please. That and we really missed everything happening during the day because we were still sleeping (haha). My partner in crime and I won one of the swimsuit contests, the only one with actual prizes and after that spent our victorious after-life giggling all about it. Our theme this year was a "Some like it hot" nautical theme after spending a few days on Coronado island where it was filmed and I think my Captain looks smashing! Was excited to meet many of you bloggers and readers out there and if you know me or noticed, I am not much of a stroller but this song I leave you with here is probably the only song I will actually get on the dance floor for a stroll. Cheers! xx.L


  1. I didn't realize when I was talking with you on Sunday in line at the swimsuit contest, that this was your blog. It was really nice chatting with you. And congrats to you and your "fella" for winning the couples contest.

  2. it was lovely chatting with you! I'm headed over to check out your blog now! xx.L

  3. Lisa! You dress THE best every VLV!
    Your green lurex dress from last year is my favorite, like taken out of that Star Trek (TOS) episode... Mudd's Women.
    I'm a big fan of your style.

  4. Thanks Mama! So nice of you to say! ;) Cheers! xx.L