I'm on my way to Los Angeles this weekend to enjoy some sunny weather, great food at my all time favorite restaurant, to spend some time with a few of the favorites and of course to get in a little vintage shopping and some lingerie spying. I am hopeful to check out an amazing exhibit at the lacma - the lobster bathing suit is there in person (do you think they will notice it if I borrow it for a while?), have a little lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel (Fountain Cafe please), and take a stroll through the Descanso Gardens. Of course I've got a small shopping list of stores that I want to hit up but I can't share my secret spots until after I've swooped through! ;) Hope to run into some of you! xx.L

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  1. Highway to hell!!! YEAH!!!!
    Love your Aussie rock n roll eh misssy?! xx