The most exciting part, I suppose, of completing the creative process of designing a new collection and after you've spent days upon days sewing up said collection, you finally get to the point where it is ready to be photographed for the world and sold off to new homes & all you can ever hope for is that someone out there will love this collection just as much as I do. Not only are we photographing this collection for all your eyes to see but we are also doing a short video. My hopes are that this video, after a few weeks of preparation following a dream I had (literally, I dreamt it up in my sleep) will make you giggle and perhaps give you a little mood inspiration if you decide to purchase one of my goodies! I leave you with this simple photo of inspiration...a boudoir lamp was where it all started and that is what I leave you with for now...xx.L


  1. ..... a boudoir lamp! Way to tease me!!!!
    My mind is rushing with what could possibly be going on in this video - can't wait!!

    p.s: I am now working in a sleepwear & lingerie store.
    It's a clearance store, so it's heavily discounted stuff..
    but there is some serious treasure in there - french (chantilly) lace items that were $200 new, down to $70, down to $35!! I'm stocking up xx

    1. amazing!! WAIT til you see the video...it may just be my best idea yet! Miss you chicken. Llove (pun intended) that you are stocking up on chantilly lace! miss you chicken. xx

  2. heheh Yay!! Ca-ca-car-car-carnnnn't wait!
    Loved the pun ;) I totally got it straight away too.
    Miss you a million!!! xx