I've said it before & I'll say it again, there is no place in the world that is more special than Cafe Jacqueline. I don't even think there is even a hint of a place like so in Paris quite like this teeny tiny soufflé restaurant in North Beach. Not one where you can go back to the kitchen and chat with her or at least (which you must) go back to say "Merci" in your best french accent after another awe-inspiring meal. I'll take any excuse to go, even if it is to celebrate a birthday late (mine) & this time I got to show someone new this little spot of heaven, my Mama! We got to try the yellow peach for dessert for the first time - she only picks enough good seasonal fruit from the market that morning and will have either one or ten of what is available, you unless you get there early to select one of the seasonal, you will stick to the classics- twist my arm! The best part is, I've been going long enough that she knows who I am and simply asked "how are you lingeries?" whilst whisking away at someone's leek soufflés & we had a giggle over my sewing cave and her soufflé cave...both equally a place of hard work and much love. xx.L

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