I've been in that amazing, incredible yet annoying space lately in my mind. The space where you are so focused on finishing one project to get it going off the ground and aren't necessarily doing the fun bits but more so the gritty bits of being a business lady. I always find that I happen to be most creative when I shouldn't be. Especially when said creativity should be focusing on other things like preparing my website outline for my graphic designer or spending time editing photographs in photoshop, it is these times more than any other time when I am most creative for what I want to create next. The prospect of being able to work on a new collection is so exciting, it is almost like falling in love all over again. It is my favorite part about what I do (second down from this is the amazing feeling of seeing someone love what you make and want to own it), deciding on what type of lady she will be this time, if she has a particular mood or an extra sparkle in her eye. Shapes, colors, fabrics, everything is so exciting it is almost overwhelming. There is always so much I want to make, so many different fabric options that I may want to use and planning a day for me to be at the fabric store is like planning a special secret vacation. The best part is that this amazing fabric store with all of the finest in the world (literally) knows me well enough (I'm practically there everyday) that they will let me just play and pull whatever fabrics I like until I get the collection just right. This limbo position will hopefully not last too much longer, I'm getting quite anxious to see what Lola will want this time around...it will be winter soon after all. xx.L

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