Thursday morning, the handsome man & I ventured on bart to the airport, almost missed the connecting train directly to the airport, but made it nevertheless! This is why I try to squeeze everything into one suitcase & one bag - as it is so easy to hop on the train & plant yourself at the airport with no traffic. This year we had to as Obama was in town & was clogging up the highway to the airport at the time we needed to be leaving! We were the last of our friends to get there & I had high hopes of this year as sadly some of my most favorite people in the world were not able to make it out, it would be a small clan of us, I knew (and was still hoping) that it would be a great time. Turns out I was a fool for doubting, because with our group & with one of my most favorite men around - Patrick, we ALWAYS have a blast. Rain, sun, shine, wind, you name it, the second we all get together from all around the world, it is such a trip. So thursday we rocked up to the Orleans, where we always stay because it is just easier than staying anywhere else, unloaded the bags, slapped on the wrist bands & headed out for some good ole rockabilly fun. Where's that you ask? Why, straight to Frankie's tiki bar! After that adventure it was a night filled with crazy shenanigans, bands, dancing, drinking, laughing until you were red in the face..which continued all the way thru the weekend where sadly, always sadly, Monday morning peeks its evil head & its time to go home. To those amazing, gorgeous friends who made it, I had a total blast with you, can't wait to do it all over again! To those amazing, gorgeous friends who didn't make it, you were sorely missed & you'd better make it next year! But you all know, you all have my heart. This year I  wore pink lurex - vintage, emerald green/black lurex - vintage, aqua/silver palm tree lame - vintage fabric, made by me, green & white playsuit - vintage, heaps of fun dancing fits (which I don't have photos of), gold silk pajamas with matching quilted smoking jacket and two vintage Cole of California Scandal Suits - one leopard, one red & white stripes for our "nautical" themed pool party. So happy to meet some fabulous new friends this year as well. Cheers! xx.L


  1. OH MYYYYY!!!!!!
    That lame is so good!! So much better than I could've imagined! The nautical theme just blew my mind. I started dreaming up outfits I could've worn to match with you and Patfink!
    Too good!!
    Love you xx

  2. I love the pic of all the girls' arms and all their Bakelite!

  3. Everyone looks great – and you look absolutely amazing! :D

  4. I love all your outfits but my favorite is the green lurex dress, you look like you came straight out of that Star Trek episode "Mudd's Woman". Awesome!!! <3