So rarely do I repost something from another blog, but this woman made me smile, made me giggle, made me dream & made me tear up. I so so so wish there were more lovely ladies like this in the world, so fearless in wearing what suits you best. Perhaps you are out there. Perhaps someday I will see you walking down the street. If I do, I hope you put a smile on my face like this colorful soul. xx.L

Video courtesy of the amazing blog - http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com


  1. Lluis & I just enjoyed watching this SO much.
    Thank you for reposting it! That blog is also really inspiring. It makes you realise that we should live a little - all the time! I hope we can still have all the fun we have playing dress ups when we reach our 90's Xxx

  2. She is just amazing. I even love her voice!! You'd better believe I'll be calling you when we are 90 lady! hehehe. And we will be as wild as ever. xx

  3. What an amazing lady! Wouldn't the world be a fabulous place if more people were like her?
    Thanks for reposting this...I'm so inspired! Today's clothing will definitely include the color turquoise :-)

  4. She reminds me of my grandmother...I kept my grandmother's colorful hawaiian print ponchos. Hideous to the point of perfection.

  5. oh, i love this!
    yeah f"ck the green bananas, who needs them. haha